Dream Team Forwards – a Starting Point

So much talk so far this preseason about the Mid’s and Defenders so tonight we open up with a Starting Point for your Forward Line. It is important to us at DTFML to show and share as much of what we do/plan/think/discuss with all of our readers. Here are our initial preseason thoughts and how it all could fit together in 2013.



There are a few quality ruckman with dual position FWD/RUCK and picking one might be helpful filling in for the always risky ruck picks if they break down later in season. Our pick of the bunch is Dean Cox who will have an increase of time in the action with NicNat coming back from injury. Other options include Ryder, Roughhead and NicNat himself who is poised to take the mantle from Cox when his body is ready.


There are a few good Mid’s with dual position FWD/MID that should get plenty of midfield time (and pts) while slotting into our fwd line. Tom Rockliff looks most set to explode and take advantage of this after shedding some kilos and pumping his preseason in response to the coaches criticism. Other options include Thomas(limited preseason), Bartel and Chapman (best behind them) and Robinson (wild card).


There are some great mid priced players coming back from injury who might be worth the risk. Need to watch NAB cup to see their return and where they fit back into their respective teams. Plenty of names in this list but the key ones include Staker, Macaffer, Byrnes, Kennedy, Varcoe, Lecras and Gray who all appear to have secure positions in their teams starting 22. Byrnes is our pick, as newly appointed into the leadership group at Melbourne, we see him a walk up 65 – 80 pt avg and a cheapish cash cow for all teams.


Unlike our mids and defense, it appears to be a shortage of quality fwd rookies this season with job security that we can depend upon. A lot will be exposed through the NAB cup so look out for Kerridge, Growden, Menzel, Daniher or Mayes but our pick is Tom Lee, a tall marking goalkicker who could be primed as the next generation Kosi/Riewoldt like forward at StKilda.


Taking the thoughts above we have thrown together two quick examples of how your Forwards could lineup within a realistic budget.

The first option assumes you wish to stack your forward line with a few extra dollars, with the guns of Franklin and StevieJ coupled with Cox and Rockliff, with Lecras as a cheaper keeper and 3 cheap sure bets to round it off. It costs a bit more than most, but it’s a good starting point.


The second option looks closer to how mine will end up, taking Franklin out for the first few tough rounds that the Hawks play (and trade him in later) and using Kennedy (cheaper than Lecras)as the extra mid pricer who should avg 75ish and Lee as a rookie cash cow option. This also frees up some cash for spending in my Mid’s or Backs.


We hope this simply gives you some things to think about, a starting point I guess, something to shape your own team around perhaps some new names and ideas to look out for.

What are you waiting for? Get back to dreamteam.afl.com.au and start playing around with your own forward line.

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