Your Midfield Guns ?

Big debate through the preseason about which 4 or 5 midfield guns to start in your DreamTeam in 2013 and so many reasons to justify each…

  • Swan and Ablett?
  • Pendles or Beams?
  • Murphy for Malthouse?
  • Boyd too old?
  • Cotchin the next Ablett?
  • O’Keefe or Jack for their easy round 1 & 2?


Let us know who you will be putting in your midfield to start 2013?

14 thoughts on “Your Midfield Guns ?

  1. Really interesting to see who the “others” are…? Selwood(s), Kennedy, Jack, Mitchell, Dangerfield…?
    Feel free to share your lineup of guns below.

    Mine are Swan, Ablett, Beams, Cotchin & Murphy

    • too much early price drop for swanny.
      Ablett, Pendlebury, Stanton, Judd, Hodge
      all should avg +100 then can upgrade/trade depending on form from rd6

      thoughts on Judd and Shuey for this year?

    • Hey mcduck good to hear from ya. Been a long time.
      Shuey has had 70+, 80+ and then 90+ in past 3 seasons and is ready to explode this year with a 110 avg in my opinion. He will be in my team as one of my first upgrades for certain.
      Judd’s fantasy days are behind him… I’d be looking at Murphy who is underpriced and set to explode too.

    • yeah twas a bit of a POD midfield that I’m toying with. Judd and Hodgey should maintain or even go up slghtly in the first few rounds to be on par with the high priced premo’s that might slip to begin with.
      then straight swap to premo’s without much points or cash loss 🙂

      Will Shuey outscore selwood now that wellingham light take selwood’s tagging duties??

      • Think both Selwood and Shuey will both avg 105+ but nicnat is a far more effective centre ruckman in hitting to advantage than cox is, so might not see the big scores until nicnat is back from injury. Either way I am very confident they will both premo this year and ur exactly right about wellingham… Selwood off the chain starting last year was exciting, so if wells can keep it that way expect big scores from Scotty who not only piles on possessions but is one of the top tacklers in league (+4 +4 +4 haha)
        Still prefer to see Murphy, ROK, Fyfe, Shuey or Selwood over hodge or Judd.

  2. I think at this stage I will start with 5. Ablett, Cotchin, Pendlebury, Murphy and Jack. I don’t know why i’m not choosing Swan, I can’t really justify my reasons at present. Still a long way off the season and i’ll have to see how the NAB Cup goes before I “Lock em’ in Eddie!”

    • Thanks Hype, I enjoy your blog,
      And enjoy your 5 mid guns, especially Jack, very good pick IMO.
      No Swanny… Huge call leaving him out.
      Can’t wait for NAB to start so we can see the reality of all these ‘best preseason ever’ reports

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