DreamTeam Preseason (so far)

For those who have just started thinking about your DreamTeam Preseason campaign and looking for some advice and tips, here is a quick wrap up to catch you up to speed from our past 2 weeks. For a thorough catchup, follow the links to read the full articles and get involved with your own thoughts and comments.

Lock em in – The 4 Must Haves

captain swan


Swan – #1 DreamTeam player in the game, he is a must have.
Ablett – and the #2… you just gotta have them both.
Goddard – A move to a winning Essendon and more midfield time means lock him into your defense.
Gibbs – Malthouse will have him running through the midfield and pushing forward at Carlton, so lock him into your defense too.

The DreamTeam Bargains for 2013

bargains 2013


Whether it was a major injury last season or a team change for this season, keep an eye on these players through the NAB cup because they may be the bargains of the year and 2 or 3 of these guys might set you up for the year…

Andrew Embley (WCE) – returning from injury and finished last year in great form
Josh Kennedy (WCE) – returning from injury and an easy 75+ avg ahead
Luke Ball (COLL) – returning from injury and could go straight back to scores of 90
Matt Leuenberger (BRIS) – returning from injury and most peoples #1 ruck this year
Daniel Menzel (GEEL) – returning from injury and huge potential
Brent Staker (BRIS) – returning from injury, training well, and has DEF/FWD eligibility
Greg Broughton (GC) – change of club and more midfield time at GC
Todd Goldstein (NTH) – no hamish mcintosh means #1 exclusive ruck duties
and maybe even Pittard, Gray and Macaffer might also be worth a watch through the NAB cup.

Dream Team Second Year Players 2013



With no GWS or GC’s endless list of playing rookies, we may be forced to select more mid priced players with job security, including the cream of the crop of second year players. Watch these names closely through the NAB cup and find room for 1 or 2 in your team for 2013…

Toby Greene – a 96 avg in his debut year and smashing the preseason looks set for a 100+ avg in 2013!
Koby Stevens – move from WCE to the Bulldogs should see him find midfield and half forward time.
Brandon Ellis – Lighting up the track, coach’s favourite, and set for a run off half-back and wing role.
Kyal Horsely – GC are going to need this mature recruit firing in their mids again for them to have a chance.
and dont forget Zorko and Gibson who have mature bodies and are not the usual 2nd year players so expect high output from these two.

DreamTeam and the 2013 Fixture

jack and okeefe


With 44 trades this season, the possibility of sideways trading opens up and we might find we start taking advantage of easy fixtures on a week/fortnight or monthly basis. Here are some things to consider…

Sydney – play GWS and GC in Round 1 & 2… OKeefe and Jack (avg’d 128 and 122 against them) and will certainly take advantage of it.
Port Adelaide – play Melbourne, GWS and GC in 1st 4 rounds, so expect some youngsters introduced such as Kane Mitchell and Oliver Wines.
Guns Against Easy Teams – Swan &Stevie J scored 159 and 146 against GWS… is it worth bringing in a gun just for the easy games?
Bunny Teams – Swan scored 171 and 187 against Essendon, do you bring a gun in against his bunny side?
Rookies – through rounds 2,3 and 4 it is a must to bring in the rookies who started the year and are about to price rise.

Thats a wrap-up of the start of DTFML’s Preseason advice and tips so far… and coming up next week we focus on the DreamTeam Rookies for 2013.

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