DreamTeam and the 2013 Fixture

How is the 2013 Fixture going to change your DreamTeam?

The sideways trade is a new dimension welcomed this year to DT thanks to the 44 trades rule change. This is where we trade out a premium player who has a tough game for the upcoming week (cops the crowley tag), and trade them sideways to another premium who has an easier game (against GWS or GC) for the one week, allowing us to get the better score. This is usually considered a waste of those precious trades, but with 44 to spend the game may have changed.

All of a sudden… the 2013 fixture becomes critical to our DreamTeam selection!

SYDNEY – Play GWS and Gold Coast in 1st 2 weeks 

sydney_easyfixture  jack and okeefe

The reigning premiers will be off to a flier against the two bottom teams of 2012, so even over just this first fortnight, is it worth putting Jack, O’Keefe or Kennedy in your midfield to capitalise on it?

OKeefe: scored 125 and 131 against these teams last year, surely thats enough to have him in your starting team?

Jack: scored 115, 127 and 125 against them last season, is that enough for a start aswell?

Kennedy: scored 94, 117 and 99 against them and looms the least likely sydney mid to take advantage of the easy start.

– Play Melbourne, GWS and GoldCoast in first 4 weeks.


While Port have no dreamteam stars who will benefit from an easy start to the year, Port become relevant with a number of young rookies and bargain options who may get given early games against the easier opponents… so id be watching NAB cup form for these guys:

Robbie Gray – back from injury, priced at only $276,100 and is a MID/FWD option.

Jasper Pittard 13 games in 2011 averaging 56pts, this defender returns from 2012 injuries and priced at only $132k.

Kane Mitchell – the WAFL Sandover medallist is a tireless midfield  runner, mature aged rookie priced at only $119,300. Watch him!

Oliver Wines – This rookie is a hard inside midfielder picked at #7 in the draft and set for game time.

Here are a couple of other things to be thinking about:

    Making sure that you have the top rookies in your team before they price up. Watch the first few rounds, and trade in the standout rookies to ensure you are making as much cash as possible early in the season. This is priority through weeks 3, 4 and 5. We will keep you posted each week on the rookies to be looking at here at DTFML.
    Last year Swan scored 159 against GWS, and Stevie J scored 146 pts when he played them. These are the potential huge scores midfield guns can have on the 2 new teams so its worth looking at who plays GC and GWS each week. 3 teams have back to back weeks where they play GWS and Gold Coast. Hawks have them in rounds 8 and 9… Geelong get them in rounds 10 and 11… Collingwood get them in round 17 and 18… would you trade in some guns you dont have just for these fortnights?
    Some players just dominate certain teams, like Swanny who scored 171 and 187 against Essendon in 2012. Knowing this might allow a quick one week trade to capitalise on a big score if you have no other trades in mind.
    Kangas and Hawks score the tough draw in 2013 but is it enough to scare you away from players like Buddy and Swallow… probably not. On the flipside… Adelaide get the easy draw again as well as teams who just missed the 8 last year, like Richmond, StKilda, Essendon and Carlton. These teams play top 4 teams less than how often the top teams play each other, so is this going to help players like Dangerfield, Cotchin, Deledio, Goddard, Stanton, Watson, Gibbs and Murphy? I think the answer is not as easy as ‘Yes’ but should certainly be watched throughout the year to take advantage of runs of back to back easy games.

Overall, I think more than ever before in DreamTeam we will need to be looking at the 2013 fixture thoroughly on a week by week basis to assess how we can best use our extra trades to boost scores when teams have easy fortnights or months. DTFML will help with “Fixture Watch” updates right throughout the season so stay tuned. For now, I say O’Keefe becomes a “Must Have” from Round1 as Sydney carve up the newbies to start the season.


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4 thoughts on “DreamTeam and the 2013 Fixture

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    • we have 20 more trades than last year… i wont know what to do with them most weeks. for me starting with OKeefe is a lock… 129 avg against the 2 bunnies i want some of that action… but not sure he is a keeper… probably sideways to Murphy or Pendles when the time is right. Im looking forward to taking those risks… might be the difference between top 10,000 and top 1,000 at the end of the year.

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