DreamTeam Second Year Players 2013

Today we will focus on the Second Year Players, who are usually discarded from dreamteam contention as they no longer fall into the cheap rookie category, or the gun category, and fade away as mid priced nobodies. But here is why 2013 is different…

  • There are no GWS and GoldCoast with dozens of rookies to choose from.
  • This means there are less new rookies with guaranteed job security to choose from.
  • Loading up with guns, and 10+ rookies becomes dangerous… so a team with some mid-priced 2nd year players who are still on the up, being given more game time, are fitter, stronger and have done a 2nd preseason is probably a smart idea.

So you might find room for 1 or 2 of these Second Year Players…

TOBY GREENE  $495,700

What a super star! A 96.2 avg in his first season including 8 x 100+ scores (even against top sides like Hawks and Pies) and a top score of 146 !!! The most posessions for any 18 yo in history, the 8th best for the season and as AFL.com wrote recently this put him ahead of Deledio, Selwood and Dangerfield!!!  All reports say he is having an amazing preseason, breaking his personal bests and is doing whatever he can to be ready for 2013. You have got to seriously consider taking him as your 4th or 5th midfielder to start the season. Expect a 100+ avg in 2013 easily.

KOBY STEVENS  $204,800

Unfortunately for Koby he just could not break into the WestCoast midfield boasting names like Priddis, Kerr, Selwood, Embley and Shuey, stunting his game time and output and eventuating in a move east to the bulldogs for 2013. Now we should see what he can do! In a younger team, lower on the ladder, rebuilding its midfield, id like to think Koby should slot into some inside mid time balanced with some half forward roles, and take his avg from 39 to somewhere closer to 70 – 80. Watch him through the NAB cup.


Ellis was touted very early last year as the coach’s favourite and even trusted with kick in duties through 2012, played 21 games for Richmond but with vests and rests avg’d only 58 pts. Plenty of upside to this avg, with his running off half back role (like the deledio of old) and a taste of midfield time, we see him as a vital part of the Richmond side for 2013. Got to consider him for your 5th defender if he lights up in NAB cup.

KYAL HORSLEY  $385,600


I doubt there was a dreamteam side last year that didnt put ‘The Horse’ in at one point, he smashed out some quick 100+ scores but faded away over the back half of the year to an avg of 74. Gold Coast obviously need him, and love him, being promoted to senior list and winning 2 club awards, and with Marcus Ashcroft talking up his preseason and running ability, he is definitely worth watching over the NAB cup.

Other Second Year Players that might be worth spotting through the NAB cup include:

Tomas Bugg (DEF GWS) $352,100
Leader of the future, started with 3 90+ scores in first 5 games, and battled valiantly to a 68pt avg. May become a lock down defender which isnt good for DT scores?

Devon Smith (MID/FWD GWS) $352,100
Sheedy’s favourite, played 20 games last year and scored well to avg 68pts. Watch him.

Dayne Zorko (MID/FWD) $487,800
Averaged 95 pts in debut season, mature age, and could play 100+ in 2013 in growing Brisbane midfield.

Sam Gibson (MID Kangas) $468,400
Strong 90pt avg and got better as year went on. Another mature ager ready for big 2nd year.

NOTE: Also if you missed our article on the Bargains for 2013… check this out… https://dreamteamfml.com/2013/01/10/dreamteam-bargains-2013/

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