DreamTeam Bargains 2013

Want to know who the Bargain DreamTeam players are for 2013??

Every year DreamTeam spits out some bargain players, well underpriced and desperately crying out to be picked in our teams. It may be due to a bad season last year, a bad role they were forced to play, or a severe injury and some time away from the game that leads to these DreamTeamers coming back underpriced and ready for selection. Lets look at some of the DreamTeam Bargains for 2013, and do you have the guts to give one a go in your team this year…?


An injury may have kept him out for 18 rounds last year but he came back in flying fashion with a big 94pts in round 23 and a great finals campaign, reminding us of the reliability of this WC stalwart. Other than last year, Embley has never averaged under 80pts since 2004, with a 92 and 94 average in 2010 and 2011. Coming back from injury sees Embley priced at about a 57 pt avg, well below his expected output in 2013. Select him as your 6th midfielder?

JOSH KENNEDY  $272,300

Still in the West, Josh Kennedy is a certainty for the full forward role at WCE in 2013 and can kick some seriously big bags, especially with the ball coming his way from a midfield that boasts Cox, NicNat, Priddis, Kerr, Selwood, Shuey, Wellingham, Embley and Gaff. Injured through 2012 sees Kennedy well underpriced at about a 52 avg but expect more like 80 – 90 pts and he may well just be a keeper for the year as your 5th forward?

LUKE BALL  $343,100

Ball opened up 2012 with a 110 and an 86 as part of the super Collingwood midfield group but suffered a season ending injury in round 3. He comes back priced at about a 74avg but we know he hasnt averaged under 83 since 2004, with a big 92 and 96 avg in 2010 and 2011. If you expect him to come back and return to his 90 avg, then he is a bargain. Select as your 5th or 6th midfielder?


After a promising debut this poor rookie has suffered back to back long term injuries, keeping his price at rookie level for 2013. But he is back, and fit, and training the house down here in the west, and a certainty to be in Freo’s best 22. Watch his NAB cup, because he is a young gun in the making. Select as 7th or 8th midfielder?

EDIT: MORABITO injured himself at training this week, needs a 3rd knee reconstruction. And that is the risk with these bargains, coming back from injury you must weigh up the likelihood of a repeat. #damn #lostabargain #outofmydreamteam #FML


A walk up starting ruck for the Lions, Leuy missed most of 2012 with injury, but cast your mind back to 2011 he was challenging for the leagues top ruck spot, dreamteam wise anyway, with a 100+ average in the back half of the season and some huge scores 130+.  He is priced at his 2012 injury average of 56 and will more likely average 85+. Select as 2nd ruck?


Another of the injured brigade from 2012 coming off dual operations on his knee, he comes attached with a bargain price of $232k. Menz has uncanny skills around goals and I am gutsy enough to say he could well be the next Stevie J that we all swoon for in 2 years time. Is he there yet… no? Could he have a break out year and score big time… yeh he really could. Id expect a 70pt average in 2013, similar to what you’d expect from a solid rookie in their first year, except that Menz has job security and he will play (if he stays un-injured). Select as 5th forward?


Arguably one of the most frustrating dreamteam players over the past 3 years, Ross Lyon taking over at Freo probably only made things worse last year for broughts, but a change of club to the Gold Coast and the certainty of midfield time alongside Ablett is just what Broughts needs to bounce back into premo contention. Potential to be one of the top 6 defenders for 2013, at a discounted price. Select as 3rd or 4th defender?


With McIntosh departing for Geelong and backup Pederson leaving North aswell, it seems Todd Goldsteins ruck minutes just went through the roof. That is great news! Goldy averaged only 79 last year in his shared ruck role but should easily average 90+ this year as the #1 and only primary ruckman. A real chance to be your 1st ruck?

BRENT STAKER  $132,600

Look he isnt a gun, and he never will be, but after missing 2012 he will return and be a lock in Brisbane’s best 22. This means regular games, and he is priced basically like a rookie. You can expect anything from 60 to 70 pts from him, but that job security and the fact he is a dual position Defender/Forward should give him the nod over an unproven rookie. With few good forward rookies this year, select as your 5th or 6th forward?

You could probably add PITTARD, GRAY and MACAFFER to this bargain list too, but all sit on the outside of selection for me.

Who are you considering?

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7 thoughts on “DreamTeam Bargains 2013

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    • yeh im always the same, but with not as many certain rookies, i cant see making enough money to ‘complete’ my team otherwise… i think we will need a few midpricers like Embley, Knights or Leuenberger to get me those upgrades… mmm… gonna be interesting

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