Lock Them In 2013

Well the 2013 prices and positions have been revealed, so to help you all here are some notes on the absolute MUST HAVES for the 2013 season. But unless one of these 4 guys breaks their legs in the NAB cup, they are an absolute LOCK IN for my team (Justo’s Reserves). And if you want to win some dreamteam matches this year, you should probably consider locking them in from round 1 too!

Dane Swan – Captain America

captain swan

Dane Swan needs to be the first person you pick in your DreamTeam. He will most certainly be your dreamteam captain most weeks, if not all weeks… and his price is irrelevant. He has totally dominated DreamTeam scores for the past 3 years straight, and is easily the most important person you will pick in your team. Every year people dont pick him because he costs too much. People say for $100,000 less i can have J.Selwood or M.Murphy or S.Thompson… Nek Minnut … Swanny pumps out back to back 150’s, proves he is the greatest dreamteamer once again and everyone wastes 2 or 3 trades trying to find the money to trade him in. Save Yourself The Hassle !!! LOCK HIM IN FIRST.

Gary Ablett Jnr – Zeus

zeus ablett

Here at DreamTeamFML we call him Zeus for a reason… Gary Ablett is a DreamTeam God! He had a 124.7 average last year and was easily the 2nd best dreamteam player for 2012, only behind Swanny. His top 3 scores last year were 186, 175 and 162 !!! There is no more explaining needed… if you want to win any dreamteam games this year… LOCK HIM IN SECOND.

Brendan Goddard – The Winner

goddard winner

Goddard’s move to Essendon is great news for us dreamteamers because Goddard scores well when his team is winning. In StKilda’s poor seasons Goddard’s average dropped below the 100 mark… but when StKilda were winning in 2009 and 2010, Goddard averaged 103 and 113. With Essendon on the move up the ladder (remember last year with 8 wins out of the first 9 games), and in a midfield boasting Watson, Stanton and Heppell, I think Goddard is gonna have a field day. He may be the most expensive defender, but he is for a reason, with the highest defender average last year, and 4 straight seasons averaging over 90. LOCK HIM IN YOUR DEFENSE.

Bryce Gibbs – Come Back Kid

gibbs comebackkid

With Mick Malthouse indicating already that Gibbs is set for more midfield time, smart money is on Gibbs returning to his elite midfield form. His finish to 2011 was incredible with 8 straight 100+ scores including 3 x 120+ points. His ridiculous half back role over the past year however completely hindered his scoring potential, dropping 15 points off his average, which means picking him up in 2013 will see him at the bargain price of only $473,300 (a bargain for an elite midfielder). His finish to 2012 was a reminder of his midfield potential with 4 big scores of 118, 122, 125 and 141 in his last 5 games so we know Gibbs can score big. He is unlikely to be tagged in a team with Judd and Murphy, and has missed only 1 game in the past 6 seasons. If Gibbs plays midfield time for Carlton this year, he will be one of the great bargains in defense all year. LOCK HIM IN YOUR DEFENSE.


Stay tuned for more Preseason advice over the next week.
Coming soon: Rookie Watch.

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