Round 19 – Captain SWAN

Hey it’s Justo here with last minute captain and while there are a number of good choices each week, this article is solely about the DT superstar that is Dane SWAN.

Lets look at all the facts behind the great man…

Fact 1

For starters, if you don’t have him in your team, you are not taking DT seriously. He is easily the best DT player in the league, with a current average of over 131 for this year? He has scored over 100 in every game except when was got injured in round8, though he still scored 95.

Fact 2

He scores BiG… This year his top weeks have been… 172, 171, 165, 159, 143, 142, 134, 132.

Fact 3

He still might not be regarded as the best player in the league (despite winning a brown low) and certainly wasn’t when drafted. Thanks to’s great article on the 2001 draft this week (go read it!) we know Swanny was only drafted with pick 58!!! this was a super year for picking up rookies with players like Judd, Mitchell, Hodge, Bartel, Ball, StevieJ, Ablett, Sandilandand, Montagna and DalSantojoining the AFL that year! But there is NO DOUBT who the best DT player is from this group… Swanny.

Fact 4

At the start of the season, Swan should have been the very first person you picked in your team. Some thought Pendles was about to step up and take the throne, and that swanny’s price was too steep. Well his 598k was the best investment of the year, and 18rounds later he is worth 600k+ and still the best DT player justifying that expense. Next year, do not look at Swanny as a cost to your team, rather see him as an asset to your DT season.

The final word,

Pick Swanny as your captain every week for the rest of this year and you will have the very best chance of maximizing your score and winning some finals. Let youropponents chase lucky big scores from Pendles, Beams or Boydy, even Ablett, because Swan is your most reliable Hero ever… He is Captain Swan.

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