Round 18 – In 5 Minutes

Justo here with your quick 5 minutes of AFL Dream Team for Round 18, covering the TEAMS… TRADES… your CAPTAIN and a SPORTSBET. A little bit of forward line carnage this week and maybe a few donuts for some of us but for me the big decision comes down to my captain, and of course how to win a few cheeky bets at


Firstly, just the relevant out’s, and not too many major ones (except you Sidey!!!):

  • Cory DELL’OLIO
  • Jordan MURDOCH
  • Kurt TIPPETT
  • Thomas COUCH and James MAGNER
  • Dale THOMAS, Steele SIDEBOTTOM, Darren JOLLY and Harry OBRIEN
  • Shane MUMFORD
  • Murray NEWMAN
  • Mitch ROBINSON (still out which causes all sorts of forward issues)

And a few relevant IN’s too…

  • Sam DOCHERTY and Stephen WRIGLEY (rookie alerts)
  • Luke SHUEY
  • Tory DICKSON and Clay SMITH
  • Nat FYFE
  • Jarred REDDEN and Darren PFEIFFER
  • Matthew KREUZER
  • Marty CLARKE
  • Jimmy BARTEL
  • HODGEY makes his long awaited return


Here are some of the most common trades being made this week in the DT Community:

* TRADE OUT – J GILES – Giles has slowly declined to a nothing scorer in the ruck but be warned, this week again he has no Brogan as backup, and plays Collingwood who don’t have Jolly. For me I’ll be waiting to see one more week from him, but if he has to go… an upgrade to Maric, Cox or Jacobs is your best bet!

* TRADE OUT – K TIPPETT – One too many concussions sees Tipps on the sidelines this week and with an unpredictable rest ahead dependent on what his brain surgeon says. Too risky for me… time to go. An upgrade to Pavlich right now would be a gem trade!

And here are the most common trades in…

* TRADE IN – D BEAMS (FWD/MID) $510,500 – Still people seem to be trading him in and for good reason, he is a mega gun and with a 130+ and 140+ in his past two weeks he is a must!

* TRADE IN – S PENDLEBURY (MID) $XXX,XXX – What a return from his broken leg to just dominate week on week and with a game aginst GWS this week, expect a monster score so get him in now before he rises in price even more!

* TRADE IN – A MILES (FWD/MID) $85,000 – This rookie is probably your last downgrade option. He has scored terrific 80+ and 90+ in his two games so far, is fresh legged and ready to play the last few round of the year for GWS.

Most of you are down to 2 or 3 trades now, and I’d be saving them for long term injuries… but trade away if your spot in the finals is in jeaopardy. Id much rather go into the finals with no trades left, than miss the finals with 3 trades up my sleeve.


Plesae take a minute to read Baker’s “Last Minute Captain” article for some more important Captain thoughts, but for me this is really tough… because Swanny might just get bored against GWS and rest himself in the last half or quarter. With Sidebottom out, it means more cheap posessions for Swanny, Pendles and Beams… and so if Swan plays out the game, expect a 160+ !!!

Beams is my number 2… he might have 40 posessions and kick 3 or 4 goals too and this could easily put him as the top scorer.

But Ill back Swanny again because he is Captain America… he has the highest DT average of the year of any player and scored 165 last week. Imagine if he scores this again and you dont have him as captain!!!



I’ll take an easy 1.92 on the Pies winning by more than 95.5points this week.
Everyone should load up on this bet and watch your money double as the Pies flog the hell out of GWS.

That’s Round 18 for you,

Good luck to you all, and FOLLOW us on Twitter @dreamteamfml.

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