Round 17 – Heroes vs Villains

Justo here with Round 17’s “Heroes vs Villains”.

Once again I’ll take you through the Heroes for the weekend, along with our Sidekicks (our Rookie heroes) and of course the Villains who make us scream FML all through the weekend…


CAPTAIN AMERICA – Dane Swan (165 – becomes 330!)

We warned you all on Friday here at DTFML that Swanny was the one to be your captain this week and boy he did not let us down. 49 posessions and a whopping 165 DT points keeps Swanny the most valuable player in the DT game!!!  (Captain America laughs at people who picked Boyd – 82)

THE THREE MUSKETEERS – Beams (147), Pendles (142) and Sidebottom (98)

Dont think Swanny was alone in the Pies loss, he had the 3 musketeers there with him fighting there way to some very healthy DT scores themselves. It is mind blowing with all this Collingwood DT domination, that they were flogged by the Hawks.

Other Heroes included:

  • Gary ABLETT 143 – bigggg score again by Zeus the DT god!
  • Jack GRIMES 135
  • Drew PETRIE 128
  • Jobe WATSON121
  • Andrew MACKIE 120
  • Matthew PAVLICH 120
  • Patrick DANGERFIELD 118 – despite rumours of injury

SIDEKICKS (Rookie Heroes)

  • Adam TRELOAR 106
  • Tomas BUGG 102
  • Anthony MILES 94
  • Sam GIBSON 87
  • Billie SMEDTS 86
  • Toby GREENE 80
  • Steve MORRIS 73
  • Jamie ELLIOT 73
  • Brandon ELLIS 70



For goodness sake he had a 4 to 6 week injury, and despite having surgery returned after missing only 1 week. Usually this would make him our Hero of the week… except that everyone bloody traded him out of their team, only to find him playing 7 days later. AHHHHHHHHH!!! Beau you are a tough mother @%^# and your regeneration powers are on par with the Hulk!


Just like the greedy Jafar from Alladin, Travis Clokes greed is now working against him. While holding out for an excessively greedy 5 year contract with Collingwood, his poor form has exposed him for the player he really is and probably just took a few hundred thousand off his bargaining price. Another pathetic score of 37 also suggests the end of Cloke in everyone’s DT for 2012… Trade him out!

Other Villains this week include:

  • Jon GILES 36 – oh god this has to be the end of anyone keeping Giles… he just cannot be your 2nd ruckman going into finals.
  • Matthew BOYD 82 – who many had as captain ha ha
  • Paul CHAPMAN 66
  • Mitch ROBINSON 0 – with a late withdrawal cost many teams a donut in their forward line
  • Greg BROUGHTON 0 – for not even playing when he is in so many DT teams!
  • Adam GOODES 47 – so much promise on his return only to let down those who picked him up!

That’s DreamTeamFML’s wrap of Round 17… how’d your team go…?

Who were your Heroes and Villains…?

Comment below…

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