Round 17 – In 5 Minutes

Justo here with your quick 5 minute blitz of AFL Dream Team for Round 17, covering the TEAMS… TRADES… your CAPTAIN and a SPORTSBET. Lots of In’s in the teams this week and my own team ‘Justo’s Reserves’ will be full strength. The big decisions then come down to my captain, and of course how to win a few chekky bets at


Firstly, just the relevant out’s:

  • Kyle REIMERS
  • Marty CLARKE
  • Sam SHAW and Luke BROWN
  • Danny STANLEY and Aaron HALL
  • Jarred REDDEN and Darren PFEIFFER
  • Ryan HARGRAVE, Clay SMITH and Tory DICKSON
  • Matthew KREUZER, Chris JUDD and Andrew WALKER
  • Jack ZIEBELL

And some BIG IN’s too…

  • Stewart CRAMERI
  • Kurt TIPPETT
  • Beau WATERS… how the hell !?
  • James MAGNER
  • Brendon GODDARD and Terry MILERA
  • Ivan MARIC and Dusty MARTIN


Here are some of the most common trades being made this week in the DT Community:

* TRADE OUT – C JUDD – If you are silly enough to have him you’d have loved his last score 140+ but with his suspension it is a nececssity now to trade him out to a Watson or Thompson.


And here are the most common trades in…

* TRADE IN – D BEAMS (FWD/MID) $510,500 – I am so surprised that people are still trading Beams in… why wasnt he in your team 5 weeks ago?!?!? He is a must have for every team, so if he isnt in your forward line yet… trade him in ASAP. Expect another 130 from him this week against the Hawks.

* TRADE IN – T COUCH (FWD/MID) $85,000 – Scored a tidy 70 in his first game thanks to a half dozen or so tackles. He will be better for the run and if he avoids the vest will no doubt score well as a downgrade target for the weeks ahead.

* TRADE IN – M BAGULEY (DEF/MID) $85,000 – Ripper opening match running off the back flank for Essendon, little like Heppel and Hibberd did last year. Scored 81 on debut and people are trading down to him already to free up some good cash.

If you are down to 3 trades… stop trading… youll need them for the last few weeks to cover injuries and help win finals.


Swanny will explode this weekend against the Hawks. Expect a solid 130+ from both him and Dayne Beams, with Pendles getting the most midfield attention of Sewell. There is no doubt in our minds at DTFML this week… Swan is your captain this week!


After a horrific loss on Scott Thompson last week, I got lucky with a nice win on Dayne Beams for most DT points in the Geelong v Collingwood blockbuster thanks to his last kick of the game.

This week:

Can get some good money on Collingwood to beat the Hawks by 15+ or even 40+ if you’re game.

I’m always game so go the pies!!!

That’s Round 17 for you, Good Luck with your team, hope you pump out a high score! 2200+ ?

Good luck to you all, and COMMENT if you want to argue with any of my advice haha  or just share your own thoughts.

One thought on “Round 17 – In 5 Minutes

  1. Keep an eye out for Anthony Miles from GWS. Scored 179 DT points in the magoos last week and scored 70 odd in his AFL debut Vs the Crows earlier in the season. If he stays injury free, he’ll play every game to the end. Good bench cover. Must bring in next week!

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