Round 16 – Heroes vs Villains

Justo here with Round 16’s “Heroes vs Villains”.

This week fighting along side our Heroes are the Sidekicks… our rookie heroes who battle valiantly for their spot in our team and their mediocre scores. And to finish… there can only be one villain this week.


  • Ryan Okeefe – 142
  • Brett Deledio – 141
  • Dayne Beams – 139
  • Trent Cotchin – 137
  • Stevie Johnson – 137
  • Callan Ward – 134
  • Matthew Boyd – 131

SIDEKICKS (Rookie Heroes)

  • Toby Greene – 121
  • Dayne Zorko – 113
  • Brandon Ellis – 103
  • Lee Spurr – 104
  • Sam Shaw – 84
  • Mark Baguley – 81 on debut for the bombers
  • Jarrad Redden – 75 as an emergency for many
  • Tom Couch – 70 on debut


CHRIS “you twisted freak” JUDD

You could have had 80 posessions… the football world doesnt care (although Bruce would love you just that little bit more).

You could have single handedly won the game… no one cares.

Your dirty ‘chicken wing’ act is the third strike for many of your fans…

  1. the eye gouge
  2. the pressure point
  3. the chicken wing

That’s it Juddy.

You are a VILLAIN of the football world this week.


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One thought on “Round 16 – Heroes vs Villains

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