Round 16 – In 5 Minutes

Justo here with your quick 5 minute pep-talk of AFL Dream Team for Round 16, covering the TEAMS… TRADES… your CAPTAIN and a SPORTSBET. Lots of Out’s in the teams this week so I’ll look at who you should be trading and hanging onto, who to pick as captain and how to make some quick cash along the way.


Firstly, just the big out’s:

  • Brendan Goddard  still suspended for 1 more week
  • Dustin Martin  still suspended for 1 more week
  • Buddy Franklin  Hamstring expected out for 4 weeks
  • Beau Waters  Knee Surgery out for 3 to 5 weeks
  • Luke Shuey  Suspended for 2 weeks
  • Patty Ryder  Calf Injury out for 3 to 5 weeks
  • Michael Hurley  Hamstring expected out for 4 weeks
  • Jimmy Bartel  Another big gun suspended
  • Marley Williams  Shoulder InjuryOut for Season
  • Tomas Bugg  being rested for GWS

And some BIG IN’s too…

  • Marc Murphy  back from injury for Carlton!
  • Thomas Couch  the Melbourne rookie who has been promising to play all year is finally in!!! Son of Brownlow Medallist Paul Couch.
  • Simon Black  back in the mids for Brisbane
  • Stevie Johnson  back for Geelong after a scare last week
  • Scott Pendlebury  the man with the broken leg is back!
  • Ryan Hargrave  sneaks back into the bullies team


Here are some of the most common trades being made this week in the DT Community:

* TRADE OUT – Beau Waters (DEF) $450,000 – Looks like at least a 4 week injury… that is worth a trade to keep the wins up to finish the DT season. However… the inclusion of Hargrave and Darley may make it easier to cover him this week for those who wish to wait and see.

* TRADE OUT – Buddy Franklin (FWD) $511,500 – With a possible 3 or 4 week absence, many DT coaches are offloading the best forward in the game… there are some good replacements too…

And here are the most common trades in…

* TRADE IN – Adam Goodes (FWD) $369,000Stamped himself back from injury with a 137 last week. Get on before the price rise.

* TRADE IN – Matthew Pavlich (FWD) $464,000 – Averaging 121 from past 3 games, and 110 from past 5. Has Melbourne, GWS and Port Adelaide in next 3 games… time to get on him is right now.

* TRADE IN – Andrew Carazzo (DEF) $409,000 – Averaging 114 since he returned from injury with 3 straight 100+ scores. If you didnt get him last week… Get him this week!

If you are down to 5 trades… stop trading… youll need them for the end of year and DT finals.


Despite a terrible average against the Cats, this has traditionally been due to the Cameron Ling tag. And since Lingy will be sitting on the boundary commentating… I’d be reasonably confident that Captain Swanny is your man to lead your team this week!

EDIT : Swan is rumoured to have had a niggle at training and Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell confirmed on DT TALK last night that Swanny spent some time training in an altitude training room. This casts some doubt over the big score he is capable of. Dont get me wrong he will still score 100… but maybe not the 140+ he could score.

Revised captain choice… SCOTT THOMPSON !  (and if you don’t have him… BOYD)


After winning a small fortune thanks to Hawthorn’s demolition of GWS last week,
I am plunging a cheeky $20 on on a single player this week:

Scott Thompson (ADEL) to score the most DT points for the round @ $9.00

That’s right, $9.00 for the man who dominates in the midfield for Adelaide, and this week plays GWS.

To be honest, If I had him in my DT, I’d probably make him captain.
But I’ll be happy to make a cheeky $180 off him instead.

That’s Round 16 for you, It’s a DreamTeamFML battle for the ages as Im taking on Baker in head-to-head this week.

Good luck to you all, and COMMENT if you want to argue with any of my advice haha  or just share your own thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Round 16 – In 5 Minutes

  1. I’m thinking Thommo is my man for the C. Will be hopefully looking for some big stats to help the Crows pump the Giants and score another 3 Brownlow votes….

  2. In saying that though, the Hawks generally don’t tag and Boydy is playing them….. i know whichever one i go will be the wrong one…. FML :p

  3. I’m back for 1 more comment. GAJ is also due a big one, and no Jackson available for the Tigers should mean no tag. Could really go any one of Boyd, Thommo, GAJ or Swan and have a decent score from any of them. GAJ and Thommo have the higher ceiling at this stage

  4. UPDATE: Swan is rumoured to have a niggle at training and Nick Maxwell confirmed on DT TALK last night that he spent some time training in an altitude room. On that basis… he will probably only score 100… and thererfore I revise my choice to pick SCOTT THOMPSON as captain this week.
    If you dont have him, both Ablett and Boyd should have great games too.

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