Injuries… FML

Fellow Dt’ers, in today’s article, I will be covering all of the injuries to relevant DT players and how long they are out for.

  • Marc Murphy: 1-2 weeks
  • Alan Didak: Test
  • Scott Pendlebury: Test
  • David Zaharakis: TBA
  • Aaron Sandilands: 7 weeks
  • Nat Fyfe: 3 weeks
  • Anthony Miles: 2 weeks ( reported as of June 26…..) Good downgrade option if he makes it back. One last cash grab for finals….
  • Lance Franklin: 2-3 weeks
  • Hamish McIntosh: 4-6 weeks
  • Beau Waters: 3-4 weeks
  • Kade Simpson: 4 weeks

AFL clubs have been know to tell some porkie pies from time to time, so i would take these with a grain of salt. Scott Pendlebury was a 2-3 week injury about 6 weeks ago, so it can make it hard on knowing whether to trade an injured player, or keep them on the bench and not waste that trade. I generally go on gut feel, if its a serious hammy, you trade, but a twinge you would keep them around and hope they will be back within 4 weeks. Anything 6 weeks or more is a trade straight up anytime.

The longer the season goes though, the shorter an expected time out has to be to warrant a trade. an Example is Beau Waters. He is expected back in 3-4 weeks, so he should be back for finals, had his injury occurred in round 17, it would be an instant trade for a fit premium


TRADE or KEEP… that is the question

This time of year, its vital to know whether to trade or keep. Use your trades wisely. If you’re unsure, wait a week and wait for some news, especially if you are low on trades. All of my trades are now for removing injured players, as my team is complete (except those pesky suspensions and short term injuries, Goddard and Waters, I’m looking at you!). I’ll make one last cash grab (hoping Miles comes in about round 17) so that i can get anyone i want IF (read: WHEN!) any of my players cop an injury that will affect my team during fantasy finals


Having that cash in the bank can be the difference between settling for a mid range premium or getting the best available should the injury curse strike one of your players. This is of vital importance and should not be forgotten


Are YOU keeping Waters?  Buddy?

Comments below…..


2 thoughts on “Injuries… FML

  1. Seriously looking at Waters -> Scotland.
    If Buddy is out for 4 or 5weeks… I’d be looking for a Buddy -> Pavlich or a Buddy -> Goodes trade. But how will we even know how long he is out for… Doctors playing all sorts of games with us this year.

    Plus, unfortunately I have less trades than i wish so ill prob hold both of the lamo’s.

  2. Totally keeping Buddy. He is like wolverine. He regenerates faster than any man in the AFL. Point and case last season hyper extends his knee. Any other player out for months. He plays the next week. He is a god. Don’t count him out to play against the Pies next week.

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