Round 15 – Heroes & Villains

Baker here to take you through Round 15 Heroes vs Villains!

This week we see some new faces emerge as mighty unstoppable high-scoring DT Heroes, along with a reminder of how damn magnificent Zorko the Magnificent really is. Here they are:


Mr Fantastic indeed. Cox is a powerhouse and singlehandedly got WestCoast over the line in tassie over the Kangaroos with 2 minutes of brilliance. Just like Mr Fantastic her kept stretching up and took some big marks to save the day. Truly the number one ruckman in the competition still.


Another tricky performance by Zorks this weekend, crushing the competition with a DT score of 140 ! This kid is nothing short of amazing. Using him to downgrade to make some cash would be a mistake as he is scoring better than some of the big guns of the DT world (looking at you Dusty Martin). This lion cub is a keeper.

WOLVERINE – Cyril Rioli

The ferocious tackling of Cyril sliced and diced the GWS on Sunday handinbg the Hawks the biggest win of the season thus far. Rioli kicked 3 goals in a demolition of the Giants, running out 169 point winners. The rabid wolverine laid 9 tackles amongst his 29 disposals. He can have an off week, but when he turns on the magic it is truly a joy to watch.

NIGHT CRAWLER – Stevie Johnson

Villain of this week goes to Stevie J. His disappearing act as a last minute withdrawal cost a few Dream Team captains a win this week (including my opponent). Hamstring soreness was the verdict but if Buddy can play against GWS, then i thought Stevie could man up and take on Gold Coast. From hero to villain in a number of weeks, no player is perfect. (Insert: Except Zorko ha ha)

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One thought on “Round 15 – Heroes & Villains

  1. um maybe dont forget Sam Jacobs who had a record number of 61 hitouts !!!
    That’s 61 DT points without even getting a posession.

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