Round 15 – In 5 Minutes

Justo here with your quick weekly dose of AFL Dream Team for Round 15, covering the TEAMS… TRADES… your CAPTAIN and a SPORTSBET. I’ll take you through who’s out of your team this week, who you must be trading in, who will lead your team into battle and how to make a quick $50 along the way.


Firstly, just the big news:
* Brendan Goddard suspended for 2 weeks
   * Dustin Martin suspended for 2 weeks
   * Buddy Franklin injured but named in team
   * Pendlebury still injured and not playing
   * Paul Chapman is back in for Geelong
   * Rookie injuries – Shiel (4weeks) and Sexton (season)

If you have more time, all the teams IN’s and OUT’s are posted at the end of this article for you.


Alright, looking around these are the trades that are dominating the DT community:

* TRADE IN – Andrew Carrazzo (DEF) $370,000 – Has bottomed out in price since his injury, and will go back up. Get Him Now!

* TRADE IN – Tom Campbell (RUCK) $85,800 – People are downgrading Redden/Stephenson/Giles to free up some cash for final upgrades.

And the most traded out players this week have been: Goddard, Marty Clarke, Stephenson, Bugg, Shiel and Martin.
However Im recommending holding Goddard and Martin, theyll both be back in 2 weeks and are worth holding for the end of the year.

If you are down to less than 5 trades… stop trading… youll need them for the end of year and DT finals.


How can you look past Dane Swan.
He has the highest DT average for 2012 (130.3), coming off a 172pts and has a 148pt avg from his past 3 games.



This week I am plunging all of my pennies on a single team… HAWTHORN.

* HAWTHORN to beat GWS by 96.5+
That’s right… im giving the Hawks -96.5 points for an easy $2.10.

* HAWTHORN as highest scoring team.
That’s the highest scoring DT points for the round, paying $2.10.

Expected return for my cheeky $20… $42. EASY MONEY.

IN’s & OUT’s

Here are all the In’s & Out for Round 15 for those with a few extra minutes:

Collingwood – IN Sinclair – OUT Mooney
vs Carlton – IN Collins, Curnow, McInnes – OUT Ellard Warnock Bootsma

North Melbourne – No Change
vs West Coast – IN Butler, Schofield – OUT Brown, Sheppard

Melbourne – IN Joens, Bennell – OUT Sellar, McDonald
vs. Richmond – IN McGuane, White, Conca, Batchelor, Derickx, OHanlon, A Maric – OUT Jackson, Connors, Martin, King, Grimes, Miller, Elton

Sydney – No Changes
vs. Brisbane – IN Stiller, Crisp, Karnezis – OUT Polec, McGrath, Golby

Port Adelaide – IN Boak, Surjan – OUT Renouf, O’Shea
vs. Adelaide – IN McKernan, Henderson, McIntrye – OUT Walker, Patrenko, Callinan

St Kilda – IN Jones, Ray, Simpkin, Siposs, Wilkes – OUT Blake, Clarke, Stanley, Goddard, Milera
vs. Essendon – IN Dyson, Davey – OUT Del’Olio, Crameri

Hawthorn – IN Hill, Lowden, Murphy, Cheney, Wanganeen – OUT Guerra, Burgoyne
vs. GWS – IN Darley, Phillips, Coniglio, Adams, Haynes – OUT Power, Shiel

Gold Coast – IN Weller, Harbrow, Brown, Rischitelli, Prestia, Allen, Hall – OUT Hine, May, Taylor, Sexton
vs. Geelong – IN Chapman, Hunt, Wojcinski, Simpson, Brown – OUT – Duncan, Podsiadly

Fremantle – IN Duffield, Grover, Bradley, Hill, Walters, Sutfcliffe – OUT Clarke, Silvagni, Pitt
vs. Bulldogs – IN Gilbee, Cordy, Tutt, Wallis, Pearce, Austin, Djerrkura – OUT Addison, Cooney, Murphy, Jones

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6 thoughts on “Round 15 – In 5 Minutes

  1. Sticking with GAJ. Boyd will get the Crowley tag, Thommo doesn’t average that much vs Port, Buddy unlikely to play. Beams might be a good option though…..

    Hoping GAJ plays a blinder vs his old crew, after a pretty quiet one last week

  2. Swanny only 9 points in final quarter hurt. I stuck with GAJ though. Glad that i didn’t go Beams. Got the Carrots tag

    Waters a late out today. FML

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