Round 14 – Heroes vs Villains

Baker here with Round 14’s “Heroes vs Villains”.

This week is dedicated to the Master Class i bared witness to last Saturday at the MCG. I was lucky enough to be in the presence of greatness as I watched Dane Swan (Athos) tear apart Freo with his handy sword fighting mates (Porthos and Aramis) by his side. It was truly exciting to watch arguably 3 of the best players in the AFL. With Pendles out with his broken tibia, these 3 Musketeers have been on fire helping Collingwood win 10 games straight!


Swan – Massive game, 172 DT points, he cannot be stopped this season!

Shuey – Match high DT score of 148 in the Eagles destruction of the Gold Coast.

Swallow – Truly a captain’s knock. When all looked lost for the Kangaroos this season, Andrew Swallow has pulled his team from the doldrums and has helped the roos win back to back games to put them 8th spot on the ladder.

Hurley – a five bag haul for Michael at Etihad on Saturday saw the bombers crush the dogs. All that with a wrist injury. OMG.


Shaw – With most DT coaches bringing in Sam Shaw as a downgrade option, early signs were good for the young crow but he has stumbled lately as have the crows. Job Security is in the balance.

Johnson – It’s been a few tough weeks for Stevie J. Not at his sparklling best against some lower oposition. Overdue for a big one. Maybe with the cats travelling to see his old mate Gary up on the gold coast this week might shake those cobwebs out.

Riewoldt – When  your goal scoring machine scores a measly 47, you dont have much chance of winning big games as the Saints found out on Sunday against the rejuvenated Kangas, who leapfrogged them into the 8.

Adcock – Even with the Lions taking on 3rd bottom Melbourne, Jed just couldnt get the ball, scoring 15 in the first half and failing to rack up any cheeky posessions. We expect so much more from him and have higher expectations. He will have a tougher test this week against Sydney.

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One thought on “Round 14 – Heroes vs Villains

  1. Can I add to those Villains…
    Goddard – for gettting rubbed out for 2 weeks… you @#$%head.
    Franklin – for getting injured and maybe needing to miss this week.
    Sexton – Injury
    Shiel – injury
    F M L !

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