Bang for your Buck – Defender Edition

Well hello round 14. Welcomed that one with open arms. ALL teams playing. Makes a nice change!

Glenn here, coach of the Dominators and last week i brought you my “bang for your buck” midfield picks. The players who are proven guns and are currently underpriced. Of the 8 players recommended, 4 scored 110+, 1 scored 100, 1 scored in the 90’s and the other 2 were 80 +. Hopefully you jumped in on the action and picked yourself up a bargain!

This week we focus on the backs. The must haves this year are:

  • Brett Deledio
  • Heath Scotland
  • Beau Waters
  • Brendan Goddard

Pretty thin group, and 3 of them are MPP. But if you have Deledio, Scotland or Goddard in your Midfield, you have made the wrong move and i would advise to switch them to your backs on your next trade. There just isn’t anywhere close to the quality of these players in the backs, but there are many players in the mids who can score just as well, if not better. So who will give you your “Bang for your buck” in the defenders right now?

  • Heath Shaw 407K
  • Grant Birchall 407K
  • Michael Johnson 397K
  • Matt Suckling 382K
  • Andrew Carrazzo 373K

These guys are all quality picks and should average close to 90 for the remainder of the season. Backs just don’t score you as much as the mids do, so if you can find a 90/90 defender (my definition is a player who can play 90% of the games and average 90) then you have done well and these guys offer best “Bang for your buck” currently
My pick of the bunch would be Carrazzo. “Carrots” has scored 2 tons since coming back from his shoulder injury, which means a break even of 26 and the 2 he scored when he got injured is about to leave the 3 round scoring rotation. His price will soar after this week. If you don’t have him, now’s the time to jump on! I would expect Carrots to be one of the most traded in players this week. He will be finalising the “Dominators” back lines this week.

And finally, my “wait a week” player. Heath Shaw has struggled in the past couple of games back from injury and has a breakeven of 156. If you want to grab him, i suggest waiting a week, as his price will be under 400K even if he scores 110 or less.

Happy trading!

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One thought on “Bang for your Buck – Defender Edition

  1. Great article again Glenn. Beau Waters… had him since NAB cup… what a hero. He might miss a few games each year from suspension or run-back-with-flight-of-ball-head-injuries but he is a real premo defender now days. Proud of my boy Beau.

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