Bang for your Buck – Midfield

Glenn here, coach of the “Dominators with the 1st of my 3 part series on getting Bang for your Buck with your final team upgrades.

Now that the 3 week carnage of byes is over, i’m going to look at who should be in your Midfield for the remaining 10 games. Lets start with the obvious few who are absolute MUSTS this year in this game called DT:

  • Gary Ablett
  • Dane Swan
  • Brent Stanton
  • Matthew Boyd
  • Scott Thompson
  • Scott Pendlebury
  • Jobe Watson

These are the guys that average the most points per game and you should have at least 4 of them in your team right now. There are others like Beams, Sidebottom and Chapman who are must have players as well, but are much better off in your forwards, where there aren’t as many “Elite” scorers as you can find in the mids.

To fill your last 2 midfield spots, you want to be finding value for money as we get towards DT finals. You also want consistent scorers, durable bodies and not much chance of being rested due to the “General” (soreness that is) as teams try to ease the load on their gun players for the actual AFL finals. Geelong a perfect case study last year as they rested the likes of Enright and Chapman in the last few weeks which just happen to be fantasy finals.

So who is value for money right now?

  • Brent Stanton: 506K (was at 600K a few weeks back)
  • Joel Selwood: 451K
  • Sam Mitchell: 450K
  • Tom Rockliff: 447K
  • Leigh Montagna: 440K
  • Jimmy Bartel: 433K
  • Nick Dal Santo: 425K
  • Matt Priddis: 416K

These guys are all proven, reliable top shelf DT guns. And the beauty is, their teams will all be fighting for a top 4 or 8 position and will be required to be out there to win the real games and get your DT plenty of points.

Now is the time to swoop on these fallen premiums and get your DT right for fantasy finals.

Leave a comment on who you think is the best value for money mid right now?

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4 thoughts on “Bang for your Buck – Midfield

  1. Awesome article Glenn,
    Im totally loving Rockliff’s last few weeks and he had a Massive end to last year too… I say Get On The Rock!

    • Cotchin a solid pick and is having a breakout year this year, but has never averaged 100 in a year like the other players i mentioned

      he’ll be a must have next year

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