Round 13 – DT Heroes vs Villains

Last week Ryan Hargrave went missing in the Bermuda Triangle, Dayne Zorko exposed himself as Superman and we discovered Gary Ablett Jnr is in fact Zeus the King of the DT Gods.  Round 13’s produced far more Heroes than Villains, as we take a look at a Magician, our Captain, a Jedi and the Evil 2Face!


110.4, this is the kind of mid-season average you’d expect from a seasoned super-premium with years of experience under their belt. However if you thought this could never be achieved by a rookie then prepare to be amazed by Zorko the Magnificent. Excluding his first game as the sub, Zorko has averaged an incredible 110 in his past 5 games, and i assure you this is no illusion. The mature rookie from Broadbeach who was passed up by the GoldCoast has mystified us all with his explosive start to his AFL and Magic career. I predict great things from this wizard!


Hopefully you jumped on board Captain Swanny last week like I suggested. As predicted he was unstoppable against WestCoast scoring a brave 264 as captain. He is in scintillating form this year being pipped only by 0.1 by Ablett for the top DT average of the year thus far. If you dont have him in your team, you need him. Sell your first born child if you have to. Do whatever it takes!


Many coaches were livid when Beau got himself suspended during the MBR’s. Not the best timing. But Beau returned from the darkside in a glorious manner and rewarded us all hansomly with his highest score of the year, producing a 126 ! He has become a must have for every defense this year. Look out Empire… Master Waters is back!

TWO FACE – Matthew Boyd

The villain of this week goes to a man who is normally one of the most consistent and reliable scorers in the DT world. However on the weekend he showed his darker face (70 points) and dissapointed many (especially those who had him captain). In a time of great need (final bye week, with many captain choices sitting on the pine) Boyd would have appeared to be the safe bet. Oh how wrong we were and how evil he was. I hope Boydy switches faces again really soon and regains that form we love him for.


Rockliff 141
Hanley 134
Redden 125
Chapman 118
Beams 117
Enright 117 (is he back?)
Stanton 115
Jamie Elliot 87 off the bench


Christensen 51 and the sub on return
Broughton 57 playing forward, and then knocked out… are we even surprised

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