Round 13 – Last Minute Captain

The dilemma of who to make captain over the MBR has been a long debated one. It didn’t seem to matter how organised I thought I was, the same thing would happen… 2 minutes before lockout and I’d be in a mad scramble trying to decide who to pick. For the last 2 MBRs fortune has favoured the brave, for me at least. In week 1 I backed Stanton over Ablett and I was victorious as Ablett had a shocker. In week 2 I showed faith in Ablett over Boyd and was rewarded with a massive score.

With week 3 of the MBRs approaching there are a few options available. With the Bombers, Cats and Pies completed their byes last week, and the suns on the bye this week, we have 5 clear candidates:

     Brent Stanton – 123.5 avg

     Jobe Watson – 116.2 avg

     Steele Sidebottom – 112.0 avg

     Dayne Beams – 111.7 avg

     Dane Swan – 125.4 avg

All have proven themselves over the first half of the year that they have what it takes to pull out the big captain scores.

The bombers travel to Perth to play the dockers, and both Jobe and Brent will have massive games against a struggling Freo outfit,provided they can travel well. The biggest game of the season thus far will be played at the “G” this week with the Pies hosting the Eagles. This will be a hard fought battle in the midfield between 2 flag favourites. Sidey and Beams will have a blinder if the Pies midfield gets on top, which leads me to this week’s choice for Captain…

DANE SWAN – Mr Reliable

This season he has come out swinging. Even an injury in round 9 couldnt slow him down as he bounced back with a 142, which remarkably was only his 3rd highest score this year.

Captain America SWAN is my Round 13 pick and will lead out both our “Hawks FC” and “Justos Reserves” teams this week.

Follow Justo and Baker on Twitter @dreamteamfml.

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