FML of the week

Sidebottom celebrates Gary Ablett’s 53 posessions against Collingwood.

FML what a week of DT with so many guns and popular picks failing to deliver.
This week the FML of the week goes to Steele Sidebottom.
After a brilliant and consistent run of 120+’s he was named captain by thousands of teams inlcuding both our ‘Hawks FC’ and ‘Justos Reserves’ only to deliver a pathetic 68pts against GC while Ablett knocked up a cheeky 53 touches and 186points against him. F M L !

A few other hacks this week…
Pendlebury – 59 points – cracked tibia 2+ weeks
Thompson – 65 points – tagged
Jelwood – 68 points – watched Stevie J all day
Waters – 79 points – sighted for head high contact
Hargrave / Lake – 42 and 49 points FML
Horsley – 38 points – vested so Gary could get his posessions too

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